The Gestalt psychotherapist method: what is it?

To overcome recurring life problems, psychotherapy is a suitable solution. Therapists use an effective approach based on a creative and positive philosophy. Gestalt therapy remains the best approach. This method allows to deepen self-knowledge.

Gestalt Method: an effective therapeutic approach

Gestalt Method is a German term which means to give form. This theory is based on a well-defined approach. Gestalt therapy is a holistic approach to improve an individual's life experience. It is based on existential and humanistic psychotherapy. As a result, psychotherapy takes into account all the factors that characterize a human being. These are the spiritual, mental, bodily and social dimensions. Gestalt therapy serves to solve all difficulties in human life. Anxiety, somatic, low self-esteem or trauma, so many problems are uprooted by the Gestalt psychotherapist. This approach favours dialogue. In short, Gestalt makes it possible to obtain a concrete and immediate result. To be able to live in one's rightful place in power, therapy is based on the concept of the here and now.

Gestalt therapy session: with a refined procedure

At the beginning of the session, the client explains his or her problem or difficulty. A breakdown of the problem is then carried out. This exploratory phase diagnoses the client's requests. The therapist assists the client to express his feelings and his opinion on the situation. He uses various techniques such as monodrama or imaginary appeal. These procedures are designed to stimulate strength and deepen self-knowledge. Resources are thus expanded and adjusted to an optimal level. The session ends with a summary report on the assimilation and the actions to be taken. Awareness, authenticity and creativity are the guidelines of Gestalt therapy.

Becoming a Gestalt Therapist: training to follow

Gestaltists have specific knowledge. First, to become a Gestalt practitioner, experience in therapy is required. The applicant must follow a continuous training. No prerequisite is imposed, competence in psychology or human sciences is required. The best way to become a Gestalt practitioner is to attend a gestalt school with the required reputation and know-how. Indeed, the humanistic school of Gestalt exposes the hindrance that prevents an individual from advancing. In order to immerse oneself in the Gestalt approach, a professional internship is also appreciated. The Gestalt value and vision is benevolence, respect and non-judgment. Gestalt therapy practitioners are bound to respect these deontologies.
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