Relationship Problems, Hyperactivity and Addictions

Addictive disorders include alcohol, drug, tobacco and behavioural addictions. Also, people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have difficulty concentrating, paying attention and completing even the most complex tasks.

Relationship problems

Relational problems lead to a breakdown in the modes of interaction between several individuals and this leads to suffering and distress for one or all of the individuals concerned. Relationship problems can occur between parents and their children (communication disruption, inappropriate discipline, overprotection) or between members of the same sibling group (siblings) or between partners (negative communication or lack of communication, criticism, unrealistic expectations, jealousy, withdrawal).

Attention Deficit Disorder

Hyperactivity is characterized by difficulty paying attention to details, sustaining attention, complying with instructions and rules, organizing one's work and activities, doing tasks that require sustained mental effort, or retaining information. Hyperactivity can also manifest itself in the need to move around often or in a feeling of motor impatience, as well as in difficulties in keeping to speaking times, for example.


Dependence on a substance leads to a need for increasing amounts of the substance in order to obtain an effect that diminishes as one takes it. Substance-related addictions may involve alcohol, drugs (amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine, opiates, etc.), nicotine or psychotropic drugs (sedatives, hypnotics or anxiolytics).
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