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Many people suffer from psychological problems. In fact, a study has shown about the people suffer from psychological problems: 36% of those surveyed have taken medication for anxiety, 33% for sleep disorders, 28% for depression and 15% for mood disorders. The majority consult psychiatrists, the rest consult psychologists or psychotherapists to treat illnesses of the mind. There are practices of all specialists, and there are even centres that bring together psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and mental coaching specialists to treat problems of burnout or depression.







Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology consists in the analysis of the whole man in order to stop his suffering. Indeed, the clinical psychologist tries to dissect and understand the clinical signs and symptoms that affect the patient in order to resolve his behavioural and psychological disturbances. The specialist uses three means to treat the patient: observation, psychological tests and analysis of the patient’s speech.

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Cognitive Remediation

Based on brain training software that can be used by everyone, young and old, cognitive remediation is a computer-assisted therapy.

When does a psychiatrist intervene ?

If your case is getting worse, or you often have nightmares, as is underlined on signification-des-rê, it would be preferable to discuss it with a professional, a psychologist, a psychoanalyst or a psychiatrist. There is nothing spontaneous about the prospect, it is slowly being planned.

Psychologist and newborn baby

Like adults, a newborn baby may also need a psychologist. This is to show that there are several reasons why a newborn may need to consult such an expert.

Fields of the psychotherapist

As a professional recognized by the law, the psychotherapist has a wide but precise field of intervention. As for coaches, visit Coaching VIP to learn about the profession.

Study psychology

Since 1985, psychology has been recognized as a profession in its own right. To obtain the title of psychologist, one must complete an intensive course of study at a university or training centre or private institute.

The student may specialize in one of the various branches of psychology: Among the open branches are the clinical psychologist, the experimentalist psychologist, the occupational psychologist, etc.

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